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Yes..! We go to your home...and your TV  or appliance
get fixed at the convenience of your own place...!

​​We are a Repair Services Company. Our Television/ Appliance Service Technicians are highly skilled to perform one repair visit at the comfort of your own home. We provide services to all major brands and technologies, as well as LED, Plasmas, LCD, Projections or CRT (tube) and several appliances. We have one of the best warranties in the Miami / Broward markets. GIVE US A CALL TODAY...Tel: 786-942-4362

Who we Are:

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In Home Services


We service many residences, hotels and businesses in Miami or Broward.

Whether your television won't turn on, makes weird noises or has lines on the screen, we can fix it. Just as simple as a fast troubleshooting to get you with the source of the issue, plus fast and a very reliable repair. We are usually able to provide you with an schedule the same day, if you call us before 12 pm. Try us.


A broken TV screen is not repairable...! Sometimes exceeding the actual value of your TV. Don't hesitate to call us for more info.

CALL 786-942-4362 to schedule an appointment..!